Designing an AI-powered process improvement platform started from scratch


This challenging project brought together a diverse and talented team of process improvement consultants, data and AI experts to create a unique enterprise platform. This SaaS was meant to do much of the heavy lifting a consultant used to perform manually, leading to a massive improvement in decision making at large organizations.

Year & Product Type

2018-2019, B2B SaaS

My Role & Contributions

Product Designer: User Research, Storyboarding, Prototyping, Visual Design


Cofounder, Product Owner, Lead Data Scientist, Lead Developer

Paving the Way for Success

Since this was relatively uncharted territory, we made sure to put in the up-front work to understand the problem and craft an effective solution. I worked with the product owner to craft the product strategy and present our work to the executive team using various deliverables.

Powerful Mapping, AI-Assisted Insights

The solution centered around a canvas for the consultants to map out all the decisions being made. Due to the complexity of some decisions, we needed a robust UI to add additional details and keep an organization-wide, high-level view.

Teamwork & Stakeholder Success

The decision mapping process was only the beginning. We also needed to account for multiple other stakeholder personas, including the department head, executives, and an account “super-admin.”  They each needed their own dashboard and feature set to allow them to weigh-in when necessary.

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