My Professional Focus

Research-backed design that champions the user while driving business value.

Who I Help

I've helped startups, small businesses, and enterprise clients achieve their product goals.

If you're looking to launch a business, do a re-design or maybe just launch a new feature in your existing product, I'd love to chat with you and see how I can help.

About Me

I'm a Florida-based digital product designer with 12 years of product experience and 24 years of design experience.

When I was a young lad, I wanted to be an artist and draw comic books. Years later, I wanted to be an architect. When I built my first website in the 7th grade, I was hooked. I loved the fusion of design and technology.

After many years of designing websites for myself and businesses, my next big endeavor would be to help build a startup from scratch. I did exactly that in 2014 and it proved to be quite a rollercoaster experience. I have since helped other businesses go from "zero-to-one" as Peter Thiel puts it, and have really enjoyed the challenge each new project brings.

My biggest values when it comes to my work are ownership, continuous & never-ending improvement, and effective communication.

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I love traveling. So far I've been to 21 countries.


Photography is my second favorite creative outlet.


Lifting, boxing, jiu jitsu & hiking are my chosen ways to break a sweat.


I'm currently learning Spanish, slowly but surely.

Open to Work - Open to Work -

Personal Projects

Advisor & Investor

Pangea Travel App

Pangea provides a simple way to share your upcoming trips with friends and family in a closed network. I've been helping with the roadmap, UX and visual design.


Strategems Info Products

As a knowledge worker, I love information from books, podcasts, and other sources. I'm working on a project that creates physical information products in translated forms.


Dryp Fashion App

The age old question: "Which outfit should I buy/wear?" This uses an A/B testing approach to choosing clothing items. Use it at the store when purchasing or at home when dressing.