Helping Modernmeal get from zero to one and on to become a profitable company with 38k+ users.


As a member of the founding team, I led design through multiple pivots, going from zero to 38k users

Our platform became the most robust and user friendly meal planning platform on the planet, currently used by health professionals to improve patient outcomes and save lives

Modernmeal became a profitable healthtech SaaS with multiple partnerships, including popular healthcare companies and a network of local hospitals

Year & Product Type

2014-2018, B2C+B2C SaaS

My Role & Contributions

Product Designer: Design Leadership, User Research & Testing, Prototyping, Visual Design, UX Writing, Visual QA, Marketing & Sales, Front End Coding


Founder, CTO & Engineering Team

4 Years of Building an Extensive Platform for Power Users

I came onboard as the second hire at Modernmeal. As part of the founding team, we wore many hats and worked hard to build a remarkable product and profitable business.

Things We Built
  • Advanced meal planner
  • Advanced recipe parser
  • Advanced nutrition tool
  • Dynamic grocery list creator with Instacart integration
  • Menu & collection creation and sharing
  • Social network
  • Business & client functionality
  • Printing features
  • Micro-app for a consumer-food partner
  • Integrated app for a bio-tech partner
Things We Accomplished
  • Built the most powerful meal planning tool in existence
  • Partnerships with healthcare insurance benefit provideres
  • Partnership with local hospital network
  • Built profitable health-tech business with over 38k users

Discover, Plan, & Connect

Cooking for people is an inside job. And it’s important to be able to share tips with other professionals, stay inspired and keep clients interested by discovering new recipes, then tie it all together with an end-to-end game plan.

Hands-On Solutions for Clients

We had to build not only the professional’s experience, but also the client’s. This meant being able to print deliverables, share recipes and menus via desktop, mobile web, and native web, and email invites or client notifications. We were forced to take something very complex and strain out the difficulty, leaving a delicious slow-cooked broth of user satisfaction.

Combining Our Solution with Viome's Micro-Biome Solution

There’s a difference between what your taste buds enjoy, and what’s healthy for your gut. To partner with a top micro-biome tech company, we designed an app that generates a meal plan custom-tailored to your specific microbes. Beautiful, high-tech, and a user experience that goes down easy.

Using Modernmeal to Make My Own Delicious & Healthy Creations

Being a regular user of the platform, I can attest to it’s effectiveness. It tuned up my cooking skills and I turned into quite the home chef. Not only did I have fun using our software, but it created a real sense of appreciation for cooking and healthy food.

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