Creating member portal experiences for web, mobile, and iPad.


Industrious members had a much improved portal experience and competitive advantage

Members could now book meeting rooms, sign up for special events and access other members through the directory

Industrious also built my iPad solution for check-in, resulting in a smoother customer and guest experience

Year & Product Type

2019, B2B Portal

My Role & Contributions

Product Designer: User Research & Testing, Prototyping, Visual Design


Industrious Product Team

Meeting Room Booking

Members needed a way to book meeting rooms on both desktop and mobile. I added filters helped them to quickly find the best fit for them.

Member Events

Industrious takes pride in offering their members premium perks their competitors don’t. Member events is one of those perks.

I included daily breakfast and snack options, weekly happy hours, and other various educational and networking events.

Member Directory

Industrious wanted to give members a way to have a presence on their platform. This solution was an easy solution to allow members to access information about others in their network.

Visitor Check-In

Industrious needed a way for visitors and delivery workers to check-in and alert the appropriate people.

I also designed the administrative iPhone portal to handle check-in requests.

Real World Outcomes

Industrious put these designs into effect and improved the experience for members, administrators, and guests.

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